White Rock Racers,

We are sorry for the delays in updating the website; a lot has been going on.  Unfortunately again this year, we have been challenged by the City of Dallas’ actions and have had to reschedule most of our events; a monumental feat.

Specifically, several of our long standing event dates were given to other groups despite official in-writing policy.  Additionally other groups were permitted at facilities we were told were closed.

Sadly, it’s clear once again we are being retaliating against for working with the citizens to resolve the special event issues in Dallas.  The city does not believe in their tag line “Dallas – Together We Do It Better!”  They do not relay the residents’ concerns nor facilitate meaningful dialogs when issues arise.  This is a primary reason the residents are so upset with events; they’re being ignored/mislead over hidden agendas.

White Rock Racing is about Competition, Camaraderie, and Community.  We are passionate about a progressive Dallas and we refuse to allow the community’s voice to fall on deaf ears.

Enough about politics; we know you didn’t come here for that!  (Neither did we)


As of today we have confirmed our new dates through October with the park department and will be posting the full schedule soon.  In the interim here’s the schedule for the next few weeks. 


Thank you all for your support!  You’re our inspiration, we couldn’t do it without you.  Now get training!


Have a great race,

Your friends at White Rock Racing